Data Package Addons

Data package addons are what authorize you to generate various report types.  As our data holdings expand at MapFruition, we'll continue to grow the addon options available for purchase in PointReports.  


  1. Select the Account button from the home menu to open the Account menu.
  2. Select Payment Portal from the Account menu.
  3. Add a credit card to your payment portal by selecting the Add link in the Payment Method Information section.
  4. Enter your credit card details and then click the Update button.
  5. Select the edit link in the Subscription section to modify your current subscription.
  6. At this point you can toggle on/off the addon packages of interest to you and then click the Save and Continue button.
  7. Review your subscription change and click the Change Subscription button.
  8. Logout and go back to app.  You will now have access to additional reports that participate in the addon packages selected.

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